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The best insurance plans are those that work with your needs, even as they change. In Canada, our activities change every season, and that means that our insurance needs change too. Your insurance policy should cover all of your activities throughout the year, from snowmobiling to boating and everything in between.

Select from all kinds of insurance, including these:

Watercraft Insurance

Summer time is Ontario is all about time spent at the lake; relaxing, fishing, and enjoying time on the water. We can offer coverage for your watercraft, whatever the size; from cabin cruisers, to bow riders, to personal watercraft and everything in between. We may even be able to add your watercraft onto your existing home policy. Coverage is available for damage to the hull, motor and trailer of your watercraft, towing costs, and even the cost of a replacement while your watercraft is being repaired. Watercraft policies will also cover your liability if someone is injured while you’re operating your boat. Contact one of our brokers today and hit the water with confidence this summer!

ATV/Snowmobile Insurance

Here in Algoma we are lucky to have some of the best snowmobile and ATV trails in Canada right in our backyard. Whether you’re riding in dirt, mud or snow, we can find coverage for your recreational vehicles. As the seasons change, so will your insurance needs. Options are available to add your recreational vehicles to your existing auto policies. Some of our companies even offer flexible recreational vehicle policies that can insure your snowmobile in the winter and your ATV for the rest of the year.

Travel Trailer

No matter what kind of trailer you have, you want it to be there for you when you want to enjoy it. With recreational trailer insurance, you can select the level of protection you want, with replacement cost and actual cash value policies available. Some of the companies that we offer will even bundle your trailer with your homeowner’s policy, providing you with the coverage and savings that you deserve.


Motorhomes can make it easier to travel across Canada. Insuring your motorhome against damages ensures that you can get from point A to point B with confidence. Whether you’re cruising around Canada in a 30ft RV or a in a camper van, we can find coverage that fits your vacation needs. Includes liability coverage while on the road, damage to the motorhome, and coverage for personal contents and accessories.

Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile homes require unique coverage and special policies to insure. We have specialty companies available to cover all aspects of your mobile home, including building, contents and liability. Even the cost to move your mobile home to prevent damage from impending natural disasters is available!

Special Events

This program provides event hosts with protection in the event of lawsuits arising out of single/multi-day functions with or without service of alcohol. Special Events Insurance is designed for single or multi-day events, with extensions available if liquor is being served.

Available for: Weddings, exhibition booths, meetings, family reunions, music festivals, concerts, ball tournaments, street parties, conventions, film shoots, hockey tournaments, theatrical performances, youth dances, film festivals, camps, rodeos, craft shows and more.

Protect yourself and make sure your special event is one to remember!

Pet Insurance

Whether your pet is young or old, small or large, it’s important to plan ahead for an unexpected accident. Like their human owners, pets are prone to accidents, and treating them can be expensive. Pet insurance will help you provide them with veterinary care when they need it most. Coverage is available to help out if your pet is injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a fall, swallowing a foreign object, and more. Your pet is a part of your family too – help them out with the protection that they deserve!