Commercial Insurance

Insuring your business is no easy task to take on by yourself, especially because you have so many options, and no two businesses are alike. At Algoma Insurance Brokers, we value your business just like we value our own. We understand that it’s important to have a broker who can work with you to create a customized plan that fits your business needs, regardless of the kind of business you have.

From small to large, single location to multi-location, and across all industries, we’re ready to help you build the best business insurance policy possible at a price that fits your budget.

Business Sector Insurance

Business & Professional Services

Your most valuable assets are your people and your relationships with your clients. You may use specific equipment to perform your services, and you may or may not have a specific location where clients come to use your services. At Algoma Insurance Brokers, we tailor each business insurance policy to the needs of the specific business, especially with such a broad industry. Contact our brokers today to ask questions or to discuss a business and professional services insurance quote.

Manufacturing & Wholesaling

Manufacturing and wholesaling businesses face unique needs, whether you’re manufacturing, processing, or selling products wholesale -- or all three. Working with a skilled insurance broker can help you get the insurance products you need to protect your business. Contact your insurance broker today to discuss your manufacturing and wholesaling needs, or to get a quote.

Manufacturing Sector Insurance
Retail Sector Insurance


Retail businesses can benefit from basic insurance policies. Security, theft, vandalism, and privacy breaches can set retail businesses back in more ways than one, and it’s important to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Working with an experienced retail insurance broker is a great way to figure out which policies can help your business. For an audit of your current insurance plan, to ask questions about a new one, or to get a retail insurance quote, contact Algoma Insurance Brokers today.

Construction & Contractors

Contractors need insurance specific to the type of business they’re involved in, from commercial, industrial, and institutional construction to civil and residential construction. Each project may require its own, unique, policy that can provide protection from start to finish. To build the right policy for your construction project or contract, contact the brokers at Algoma Insurance Brokers. We can help you choose how to best protect your business with a plan that is tailored to your needs.

Construction & Contracting Sector Insurance
Couple Signing Papers


Realty is a fast-paced business, and if you’re in the industry, you have a lot of things to take care of in many different locations. Working with a skilled insurance broker can help give you the peace of mind that all of your property and assets are protected and your business can function. Depending on the specifics of your business, you may select the full realty insurance package, or, you can select specific options that cover just what your business needs.


We offer broad, inclusive policies that help to cover your municipality. Our partnerships with stable, reliable insurers mean we’ll be here for you as your needs change and your municipality grows.

Small Town
First Nations Insurance

First Nations

While First Nations operate similarly to a municipal government, they also provide unique services to their communities including: health care services, education, membership services, economic development, daycare centers, elder homes and unique cultural activities. We recognize this and can work with each First Nations community to design insurance coverage that meets their specific needs.


The hospitality business is competitive and it can change with the seasons. Whether you own a hotel, a country inn, a highway motel, a bed and breakfast, a resort, a spa, or a hotel, running a hospitality business is a big responsibility. It’s important to protect your property and to provide a safe and well maintained environment, as well as to have an effective payment processing system.

Hospitality Sector Insurance
Automotive Sector Insurance

Auto & Garage

Working in the automotive industry, whether you own a dealership, a car wash, a garage or repair shop, or a gas bar, your business faces some unique liabilities. The potential exists for your equipment to break down, your property, or the property of your clients, to be damaged, and for data to be stolen from your systems. That’s why it is so important to work with a skilled insurance broker who can help you get the coverage that you need to protect your business.

Education & Not-For-Profits

Those who work in the education sector, from college to daycare, or for a nonprofit organization, like a church or a charity organization face unique insurance needs specifically because of their clientele. You can be confident that the brokers at Algoma Insurance Brokers have the knowledge to find the right insurance policy for all businesses, including educational institutions and nonprofits.

Education Sector Insurance
Healthcare Sector Insurance


With continuous changes to healthcare organizations, there are always new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and either retained or transferred. Additionally, protecting patient confidentiality and insuring valuable property requires the right coverage.

Warehousing, Transportation & Logistics

When your business stretches beyond your reach, you can rest assured that your business is safe with comprehensive insurance for warehousing, transportation and logistics.

Warehouse & Transportation Sector Insurance
Commercial Farm Insurance


From livestock to machinery and buildings, every aspect of a farm plays a crucial role, and it’s important to protect them. With farm insurance, we’ll be able to help you protect all of these, as well as farm produce, specialty farms (maple syrup, honey, fruit and vegetable) plus give you peace of mind about loss of income, and liability for farm employees and volunteers.


Marine coverages range from standard cargo and hull to large and unusual exposures such as offshore exploration and offshore productions platforms. These risks require creative and committed risk analysis and brokerage efforts to provide the coverage you need.

Marine Sector Insurance